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GLAZED OVER: How to equip your studio

At various times my studio has been the spare bedroom, garage (with no electricity) and dining table. I’ve painted outside in my ski clothes in the depths of winter and on a sun-baked terrace using a plastic drinks trolley for my kit. One thing I’ve come to realise is that you need only a relatively small space to do your actual painting. What takes up all the room are your supplies and reference materials. So take heart if you don’t have a dedicated studio space. Here’s how to make it work:

Your immediate painting area:

Ideally this should have a wipe-clean floor away from soft furnishings and pets. Good light is essential. Your basic needs are:

  • An easel and board

  • A small table adjacent to the easel with a wipe-clean cover (I’ve used left over puppy pads)

  • Palette with a warm and cool version of each primary colour, one or two earth colours, black and white (10 tubes in total)

  • Small containers of medium, chalk and brush dip

  • Roll of paper towels

  • Palette knife

  • A set of brushes that suit your style

  • Two jugs or containers to hold clean and dirty brushes

Everything else:

I keep my bulk supplies, work in progress, spare boards, tubes of paint and sketching materials on a set of open shelves in the garage. In the past I’ve used the spare bedroom, wardrobe space (I have few clothes!) and even borrowed a kind neighbour’s garage.

My art books take up all the bookshelves and are piled up on the sitting room floor.

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